Vauxhall City Farm Online Consultation 2019
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How often do you visit Vauxhall City Farm? *
What is your favourite part of the farm? (Select up to three) *
How much time do you spend at the farm on a normal visit? *
How much money do you expect to spend on: Activities at the farm that are not your original reason for visiting (such as Cuddle Corner or Facepainting) *
How much money do you expect to spend on: Food & Drink from the café, PER CHILD *
How much money do you expect to spend on: Food & Drink from the café, PER ADULT *
Have you donated on previous visits to the farm? *
Have you donated to the farm online? *
How do you rate the quality of the farm for each of the below? *
Very Poor
Very Good
Not applicable
Interaction with animals
Friendliness of staff & volunteers
Quality of information provided to you via signage/flyers/posters
Quality of information provided to you verbally by a member of staff or volunteer
Quality of service for a booked in advance product, such as a riding lesson, a workshop, a Meet&Greet etc
Friendliness of café staff
Speediness of café service
Quality of food & drink
Has anything about previous visits disappoint you?
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How likely would you be to recommend Vauxhall City Farm to a friend (1 - Unlikely, 3 - neutral, 5 - very likely)
Please rate the below
Strongly disagree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Strongly Agree
I feel calmer after my visit to the farm
Visiting the farm is good for my health
Visiting the farm has encourage me to think about my food and environment
I learnt something new during my visit today
The farm is welcoming for the whole community
The farm encourages participation in community life
The farm enhances the sense of community in Vauxhall
Vauxhall wouldn’t be the same without Vauxhall City Farm
We have underused areas of the farm that we are looking to develop. Would you like to see any of the following? (Tick as many as applicable) *
Will you visit the farm in the future? *
Will you be more likely to visit the farm if new facilities were introduced? *
We would like to collect some demographical information about you, for research purposes only. Thank you.
Gender *
Age *
Do you consider yourself to have a disability? *
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Religious Belief *
Ethnicity *
Sexual Orientation *
How do you normally travel to the farm? *
Where do you live? (Borough or first part of postcode only)
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Do you normally visit alone, or in a group? *
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If you normally visit with other people, what are the approx. ages of others in your group?
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