The Smart Bio Awards are conferred with the purpose of recognizing biotechnology startups in the field of BioPharma, BioIndustry, BioAgri, BioServices, MedTech and Omics, showing dynamic leadership, stand-out contribution characterized by breakthrough innovation, top-class execution and fast paced-growth. Individual Investors and Mentors who have made significant contributions in nurturing innovative ideas and product development will also be recognized by conferring Smart Bio awards. The awardees will be selected by a panel of Jury comprising experts from industry and presentation ceremony will be along with Bengaluru Impact awards held virtually in the presence of glitterati and loads of entertainment, surely an evening to remember.

The Smart Bio Awards will be curated by Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE).

Nominations for the awards have to be submitted on or before 12th November 2020.
1.) BRIEF OF THE COMPANY – information about the startup, date of incorporation and origin of the startup and the educational and professional background of the founder(s) *
2.) BUSINESS MODEL – information on the business model, offerings and the geographical footprint of the startup *
3.) BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND FUTURE PLANS – target market, its size, funding, current financial health and projections *
4.) ORIGINALITY, DISRUPTION AND INNOVATION – competitive landscape, unique value proposition and innovation *
5.) CUSTOMER FOCUS – customer need that is being addressed, along with any relevant customer stories/case-studies *
6.) MARKET VISIBILITY – media coverage, recognition, social-media following etc. *
7.) CONTACT DETAILS – Share contact details of the CEO / Founder that evaluators can contact for any additional information with mobile numbers *
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