Student Advisory Council Application

Welcome to the application form for the Student Advisory Council for the academic year 2014-2015!

We appreciate your courage, leadership and desire for contributing and becoming an important part of the Westminster School Advisory Council. The members of this council are meant to be the spear head and the force that drives this school into moving forward.
Innovation, leadership, self-confidence, professionalism and respect are what we look for in every member of the council.

Therefore, you have to go through some technicalities before you get that shiny badge:

-Your application will only be taken into consideration upon submission of a short 90 seconds video talking a bit more about yourself and explaining why YOU deserve to be the face of the Westminster School (you can be creative).

-You also need to send us a complete CV.

(Kindly submit both your video and CV as attachments via email to

But first off, we need to ask some questions...

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