CWA Conference Participant Survey
All individuals attending the Customer Service Professionals Conference are asked to fill out this survey by October 7. If you have questions, feel free to contact Nell Geiser (
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How would you describe the level of engagement and attitude towards the union among customer service members in your Local? *
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What are the top concerns for customer service workers in your local? (Rank from 1-5, with 1 being highest concern) *
Performance Metrics
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If you ranked "Other" as a high concern, please describe.
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Describe an example of successful mobilization at your worksite, during bargaining or at another time. We will invite some participants to share their stories at the conference.
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What are 1 or 2 goals you have for your Local or District in the next year? *
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Please nominate up to 4 songs you would like to have included in the conference soundtrack that will play during breaks. Provide artist and song name for each nomination.
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Do you have photos to share of your workplace and CWA activities in the community? Please email photos to
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