TCSD DLI Application
2018-2019 school year
*Deadline for first round applications is March 15th, 2018. If you have questions, please contact the TCSD DLI team (Brandee Mau, Jamie Leite, Leo Valladares) at (435)833-1900 or email

Who can apply?
Any student entering 1st grade for the 2018-2019 school year. Some programs may have open spots for students entering 2nd grade. If you will have a 2nd grader, please contact the school directly to check availability of a 2nd grade spot for your student.

French - Grantsville
Spanish - Middle Canyon
Chinese - Northlake
STEM Russian - Overlake
STEM Portuguese - Rose Springs and Sterling
STEM German - West

What if I have a 3rd grader (4th grader, etc)?
Unfortunately 3rd grade is too late to start in DLI.

Notification from the DLI school will go out to contacts listed in the application in the following weeks AFTER the application period closes. Keep in mind that the programs fill quickly, and waitlist status is no guarantee of a spot in the program.

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*native speaker(s): language of the home environment, parent(s) grew up speaking it (does not include missionary language use)
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By submitting this application, I understand that by admittance to this program, I am committing my child(ren) to the full program (1st grade-12th). I also understand that if we are out of bussing boundary for the chosen program, transportation to and from the school is my responsibility. *
I understand that submitting multiple applications for the same student to 'hold' spots for my child is not permitted and will not increase selection probability. *
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