Online R-Ecology Workshop
These sessions will run over 6 weeks and will take place online, please ensure that you have internet access for 6 consecutive weeks on Tuesdays between 11:30 - 13:00. We realise this will exclude some of our instructors, but have to put this requirement in as otherwise the 1.5 hours are spent trying to connect rather than learning. The link to the online session will be sent to the email address you provide in this form.

Each pair must be in the same room during the online workshop. One laptop will be used to follow along with the instructor in the tool that is being taught, while the second laptop will be used to connect to the virtual meeting.

Each member of the team must complete the registration form.

Required reading:

Technical requirements:
You will need to read through the lessons and make sure that you have all the appropriate software installed a few days ahead of the lesson.
We will be using Vidyo to conduct these online sessions. To participate you will need internet access in a private setting (e.g.: office or meeting room). The link to the Vidyo room will be emailed to you. We will conduct a test session in advance of Session 1 to test the connection.

NB: Places are limited to the first 5 pairs that register on the form. You must be able to attend all 6 sessions.
These sessions are aimed at those who have attended instructor training, i.e.: for those who want to see a lesson being taught / want to learn how to use a tool described in the lesson / or instructors who have checked out but are not yet feeling confident to teach this lesson.
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