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Which one of the following best expresses your view of the Bible? *
There is no other way to salvation but through belief in Jesus Christ. *
God's plan for salvation can be found outside of God's word. *
Jesus’ resurrection from the dead was an actual event. *
All religions are equally good ways of helping a person find ultimate truth. *
Social justice is at the heart of the Gospel. *
Humans have free will. *
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We possess the ability to believe in Jesus on our own. *
We are born into the world completely lost in sin and are in fact enemies of God. *
We are saved by grace and not works. *
Men are the head of women as Christ is the head of the church. *
The bread and wine in the Lord's Supper represent Christ's body and blood. *
Baptism is just an outward sign that we are a Christian. *
It is fine for Christians to pray, and take the Lord's Supper together even if they have different beliefs. *
We can be confident in our salvation by the sanctified life we live. *
We can be confident in our salvation by what Jesus has done for us. *
What are you looking for in a campus ministry? *
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