Jungala 2017 - Volunteer Registration

Jungala loves to get you involved behind the scenes and get you to experience a different side of our of our event. We are therefore looking for volunteers to help at the gate or for pre-production and strike of the event.

Gate Volunteers - your duties will include serving the cars for ticketing and armbands, handing out flyers and making sure you create an awesome vibe from the very first moment when people arrive!

Setup and Breakdown Volunteers - You will help with making and putting up decor, setting up tents, helping set up the chill areas and various other areas, painting, putting up signs, building things etc. We especially love people with special skills to apply, for example if you are good with woodwork or electrical.


We are looking for people who like a challenge, who are possibly looking to get involved in the events industry and gain experience, who like hard work and are not afraid to put in a few extra hours if it means getting the job done, has a positive attitude and outlook on any situation, it goes miles in this industry!

1. You will be required to work from Monday to Friday the week of the event arriving on Monday and then if possible 2 days after the event Monday and Tuesday to help with the strike/breakdown of the event.
2. Food will be provided for you for the days you are volunteering with us.
3. You will have the event off to party and have fun!
4. You will need to get yourself to and from the venue, we unfortunately can't provide transport.
5. You need to be on it and well rested for strike on Monday and Tuesday, going the extra mile will show us your interest in the event industry and possible choice for us for future crew.


1. You will be required to do 1 x 8hr shift each.
2. A cash deposit of the gate ticket price is required on arrival to ensure you show up for your shift. It will be returned to you as soon as your shift is over.
3. You need to be on time and sober for your shift! If you are not we will unfortunately dismiss you and keep your deposit.
One of the biggest problems we have with volunteers is that they tend to drop out last minute and create a huge amount of extra work for our very busy admin team. If you are not sure you can commit 100% please do not apply! Your position if vital to the smooth running of the event, dropping out last minute puts great strain on the volunteers left on your shift who would then be short handed. A strong and fully attended volunteer shift can make all the difference! For those that do drop us they will unfortunately be added to our blacklist and not hired in the future.
If however you a Rock Star Volunteer, always on time, working hard, bringing the “Gees” and just generally being awesome you have basically secured a permanent spot on the team for the future! :D

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