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Before you waste your time or mine.  You will have to provide the following.  1. Drivers license picture for all adults living in the home.(department of agriculture requires this, if you don't like it take it up with them not me) 2. Proof of home ownership if you own your home(remember this is not anything I can do a thing with its PUBLIC RECORD) 3. If you rent we have to have a copy of the pet addendum or landlord emailed approval. (This is at our discretion which we prefer) 4. Your references will email me their opinion on your adoption. (I will not be calling them, they will not be calling me. I am extremely busy and an email is how we do this part, if they are too busy you need new references) these requirements are to make sure that the animals we Rescue do not end up back in the same situations they come from. If these requirements are TOO much to ask, there is no need to continue my application. And nasty emails in regards to it will have you blacklisted from ever adopting from us or any of our affiliated rescues. So instead of being ugly if this does not suit you, just find a rescue who is not as concerned about the well being of their pets. Thank you for understanding. Heather Gavitt
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PLEASE READ EVERY QUESTION IN FULL AND ANSWER ALL PART OF THE QUESTION. INCOMPLETE ANSWERS WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DENIAL. WE ARE EXTREMELY BUSY AND SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS OVER AGAIN THAT ARE IN THIS APPLICATION!! Everything in this application is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. If you are deceptive in any manner your application will be deleted and not considered now or ever. Make sure every question is answered in full and truthfully. *
Name of pet you are interested in : *
Your age
Your Full name : *
Drivers License number and expiration date. You will have to show or submit a picture of your drivers license as well. There is no exception to this. *
Primary phone number and alternate number : *
You understand that you will have to submit pictures of your home, for a virtual home visit. They may include but not be limited to Street view pictures, main living area pictures and fenced yard pictures if applicable. Sometimes video will be requested as well. *
Policies and procedures

* We are a 100% volunteer run organization, so it takes time to process your application (2-5 weeks depending on volume.) Everyone in our organization is an UNPAID VOLUNTEER. Everyone works full time jobs and have families of their own - so please be patient!!! We do NOT do same day adoptions and we complete physical home inspections, vet checks, reference checks and criminal history checks on ALL applicants to be sure the home is the right fit for the animal. Fences are not required for all animals and we do allow some animals to live in apartments - we will choose the home that is best suited for the animal's needs - all fosters & adopted animals must be on leash 100% of the time if not in a fenced yard.

* On adoption day: 
For Cats: you only need a collar and current ID tag.   
For Dogs: you must provide your own collar, leash, ID tag with your information on it and harness if desired. We highly suggest you also have on hand canned pumpkin and plain Greek yogurt, if there will be any food change, to help control loose stools. We can provide sizing information for supplies. We also suggest the purchase of 6 months heartworm prevention medication at our cost, so they do not miss a dose. Flea/Tick prevention will be current upon delivery and then you will need to purchase their next dose of your preferred method.
Heartworm prevention cost:
Up to 100 pounds: $56
Up to 50 pounds: $46
Up to 25 pounds: $36
If the dog is over 100 pounds you may have to purchase multiple boxes to accommodate weight and give them one of each pill per month. For example if the dog weighs 135 pounds you will need a box of up to 100 pounds and a box of up to 50 pounds for a total of $56 + $46 = $102. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via Facebook or via email at 

Do you want to :
If the animal you want is unavailable would you consider another dog or cat of similar type? * *
Place of employment(name, address and phone number) *
I live in a _________________ (apartment, farm, duplex, single family home, mobile home) *
Do you rent or own? If owned we will verify via property records that you will have to provide via email. *
How long have you lived at this residence? *
If you rent, does SGER have permission to contact your Landlord to verify permission to have pets? *
Landlord name, and phone number. You will have to provide landlord approval to be approved. *
Are pets allowed? Are there breed or size restrictions? *
Please be patient with applications, we sometimes get hundreds of applications over a short period of time. We work on a volunteer basis so resources are limited. *
If pets are allowed, if there are breed or size restrictions *Please note that if adopting a puppy, SGER can not guarantee mature size due to not knowing the lineage of rescue puppies.* *
If your pet bit or nipped at another pet or person, what would you do?
Do you have a fenced yard or an invisible fence?
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When you go away for a few days, who will care for the animal? * *
Is everyone in the home in agreement and happy having this animal as a welcomed member of the family to be loved and cared for in your home? Agree that it will not be segregated to a room, outside and/or backyard? * *
Do you understand, if you are fostering or foster-to-adopt, that you may not have any other animals added, visiting or adopted into the home without our permission? *
How many hours a day will this pet be left alone? *
How many pets do you have living in your home that belong to you? *
What is the name, breed, age and gender of your pets? How did you acquire all the current or previous animals in the home? Rescue adoption, breeder purchase, etc. Please explain each in detail. *
Will they be kept with this pet? *
Are your pets spayed/neutered? *
Are your pets up to date on vaccinations? *
Is your dog(s) on heartworm prevention, to prevent heartworm disease and death? *
Have you ever fostered or owned a rescue pet? (shelter adoption, rescue adoption, NOT including a standard re-homing) *
Have you ever been accused of or charged with domestic violence or animal abuse? *
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Have you ever been charged with a felony? * *
If Yes, what were the charges? Were you convicted? Please explain.
Who will feed and care for the animal? * *
Do you give SGER permission to call your Vet and ask them if your pets are spayed or neutered, on heartworm prevention, and vaccinated? This is required. Please let your Vet know we will be calling. *
Veterinarian name, address and phone number for all animals over the last 10 years. List Multiple if needed. (We need the vet who has records for ALL pets in home to verify vaccine and heartworm prevention history for ALL pets over last 10 years. Incomplete applications will be DENIED.) * *
Have you ever relinquished or surrendered a dog to anyone? *
If yes where and specify why?
Have you had any animal in the last 7 years diagnosed with Parvo virus, Distemper or any other infectious disease in your home? * *
How will you be sure your animal has adequate exercise daily?  *
Will this pet be for you or a gift? *
Will this pet be crated inside the home? If crated, for how many hours? *
What would you do with your pet if you moved? *
Ages of other adults living in your home, including your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend? *
Ages of children living in your home? *
Does anyone in your home have allergies to animals? *
SGER recommends to all fosters to do follow up calls and home visits to the adopters,after placement of pet(s) in their home,would you agree to this? *
Your new pet must be brought to your Vet within 2 weeks after adoption. Heartworm prevention must be purchased for your new dog from your Vet. Please bring medical record you received from SGER to your Vet. Heartworm prevention is to be given to your dog monthly to prevent heartworm disease and death. If you are unfamiliar with heartworm disease in dogs, please speak to your Vet for further information. Do you agree to this? *
Please tell us briefly what happened to any previous pets you have had. If they passed away, please list the cause of their death *
3 Personal References (max 1 family member) MUST PROVIDE NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS (Incomplete applications will be denied) *Your references will be required to email us their opinion on your adoption. *
Are you willing to spend $500 or more a year for veterinarian care, food and accessories? *
What does a Rescue pet mean to you and why would you like to adopt one? *
Do you understand that if you adopt a pet from SGER and anything happens that requires the pet to be returned, that YOU are totally responsible for returning this pet to SGER? *
I agree to provide a copy of my driver's license sent via email or printed copy on day of adoption? I also agree to show proof of home ownership if asked? *
Check all that apply : *
How did you hear about us? *
Do you or have you ever worked with or assisted another rescue or shelter? If so which one/when and how? Please list all you have assisted or are currently assisting. * *
Please list any reason you would give up an animal in detail  *
Why should we choose your home? If we get multiple applications for this pet, why should we choose you?  *
Are you aware that when you adopt an animal, you are taking on the responsibility of its lifetime, which may be up to 14+ years for Giants and up to 20+ years for small breeds or other species. This includes quality food, grooming, vetting and preventative heart worm, plus treatment and flea/tick/mosquito repellent for the rest of their lives? We only require heartworm prevention on cats that are indoor/outdoor, however all dogs in the home must be on year round prevention medications for their entire lives.  *
If Fostering, are you aware that you are taking on the responsibility of this animal until it finds its forever home? This can be weeks, months and occasionally longer. You are committing to caring for this animal like its one of your own, feeding supplying it with all care and supplies in your home (aside of vet care). You are agreeing to attend all adoption events, training events and other fundraising events to help this animal get adopted (if living within 4 hours). We do our best to assist you with food and supplies but rely 100% on donations and may not have adequate supplies to do so. If not you will pay for all food, grooming and supplies for this pet while in your home and in your care. Do you agree to this? * *
Do you understand that for if any reason you do not want this animal any longer that you must return it to SGER  and allow us at least 3 weeks to find a new foster home? *
Do you understand and hold harmless, release all liability of any and all staff at South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc. from any harm, damage, illness to your animals, family, personal property or home while this animal is in your possession or on our property while adopting or visiting our facility?  *
By submitting this application, I hereby agree to follow all protocol/rules/regulations set forth by SGER and agree to abide by all terms and conditions, I understand that my foster animal's vet care is covered only by an approved SGER veterinarian and/or clinic with prior authorization only. I acknowledge that my foster animal is owned solely by SGER until an approved family is selected and ownership has been transferred to them. If for any reason SGER wishes to have me return this animal to them, due to breech of agreement or suspected problems, I will have no more than 24 hours to do so at my cost, for any reason determined by the rescue staff, without question. I agree to provide a safe, loving and protected environment to this animal until it is adopted. I agree to never leave this animal (foster or adopted) outside without supervision, keep it on least at all times if not in a fenced in area and agree never to take this animal to any public dog park (foster only) without a founder present. I agree to release SGER of any and all liability associated with having a foster or adopted animal in my home. I agree that I am not to administer any veterinary care, if fostered, to this animal without expressed written consent by a founder of SGEE. By signing my name below with the date - I confirm that I have read and agree to all the above terms and conditions. Sign and date below.  *
Do you understand that this is a NO SALE contract? Which means this pet cannot transfer hands except back to SGER for any reason and can be punishable in a court of law if I do so without prior consent? *
I understand that no pets will be held without an approved application and a $50 to $100 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. if you change your mind for any reason the deposit will not be returned. Deposits will only be returned for medical reasons beyond our control on the pet in question. Do you understand that the deposit is REQUIRED TO PROCEED? *
Thank you for filling out this application! We appreciate your desire to help needy animal. *
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