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Read in FULL Before Continuing 

We are a 100% VOLUNTEER run organization with no paid employees. It can take a a little while to process your application, depending on the amount of applications received. This means, please be patient and understanding with our volunteers. If you cannot do this, you will be denied and blocked from adopting through SGER. Once you submit the application, please check your email regularly, including your spam folder, for a reply. If we want to continue the adoption process, we WILL send an email with the next steps. Look for the addresses below:

We do not and will NOT do same day adoptions and you cannot come walk the property to "choose" a dog/puppy.

ALL adopters must go through the same screening process listed below before adopting. Approval is needed for meet and greets prior to adoption, this will help prevent time wasted for all. 

Fenced yards are not required for all animals and we will choose the best home for the animals based on information given. 

Please read this in full before continuing as there are several requirements needed to proceed with an adoption and we do not want to waste anyone’s time. Failure to comply with any of the steps, will result in the application being denied. 

Driver’s License/State ID must be submitted for every adult in the home. This is required by Department of Agriculture.

Proof of home ownership or rental agreement with pet policy.

You must provide a minimum of three (3) references and they will be required to send their reference to us.

Current vet record for all animals in the home.

Pictures and/or video of your home, yard, and/or outside area for a virtual home inspection.

If you are not willing to do any of the steps mentioned above, be respectful, and comply with any additional requests specific to your application, please do not fill out the application.

Name of pet you are interested in : *
Your full name AND age: *
Driver's License Number and Expiration Date (you'll need to submit a picture upon request): *
Primary phone number and alternate number: *
Full Address to Include: City, State, and Zip Code
How long have you lived at this address?
I live in a _________________ (apartment, farm, duplex, single family home, mobile home). *
Do you rent or own? 
If rent, we will need rental pet policy. 
If you own, we need to see proof of ownership.
If you rent, does SGER have permission to contact your Landlord to verify permission to have pets? 
Please provide contact information.
If you rent, are pets allowed? Are there any breed or size restrictions?
Please be aware, if you are adopting a puppy, SGER cannot predict the adult size of the puppy. 
Place of Employment to Include: Name, number, and address: *
3 Personal References (max 1 family member) must provide first name, last name, and phone number:
*Your references will be required to email us their opinion on your adoption.
Names and Ages of ALL Adults and Kids in Home:
If this doesn't apply to you, put N/A. 
Adults will need to submit license/ID
Does anyone in your home have allergies to animals? *
Is everyone in the home in agreement and happy having this animal as a welcomed member of the family to be loved and cared for in your home? Agree that it will not be segregated to a room, outside, and/or backyard? * *
Will this pet be for you or a gift? 
If gift, who and are they aware/give you permission to adopt?
Do you want to : *
Check all that apply : *
Are you aware that when you adopt an animal, you are taking on the responsibility of its lifetime, which may be up to 14+ years for Giants and up to 20+ years for small breeds or other species. This includes quality food, grooming, vetting, and preventative heart worm, plus treatment and flea/tick/mosquito repellent for the rest of their lives? We only require heartworm prevention on cats that are indoor/outdoor, however all dogs in the home must be on year round prevention medications for their entire lives.  *
What does a Rescue pet mean to you and why would you like to adopt one? *
Why should we choose your home? If we get multiple applications for this pet, why should we choose you?  *
If the animal you want is unavailable, would you consider another dog or cat of similar type?  *
I understand that no pets will be held without an approved application and a $50 to $100 *NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. If you change your mind for any reason, the deposit will not be returned. Deposits will only be returned for medical reasons beyond our control on the pet in question. Do you understand that the deposit is REQUIRED TO PROCEED with a hold?
*Deposits are put towards final adoption fee.
Who will feed and care for the animal?  *
How many hours a day will this pet be left alone? *
Will this pet be crated inside the home? If crated, for how many hours? *
What type of daily exercise will you provide? How will you know that you have given adequate exercise? *
When you go away for a few days, who will care for the animal?  *
What would you do with your pet if you moved? *
Do you currently have any pets living in your home? *
If yes, please give name, age, breed/type, and how you took ownership of the pet. *
Is your dog(s) on heartworm prevention, to prevent heartworm disease and death? *
Are your pets spayed/neutered? And up to date on all vaccinations? *
Will they be kept with this pet? *
Please tell us briefly what happened to any previous pets you have had. If they passed away, please list the cause of their death. *
Do you give SGER permission to call your Vet and ask them if your pets are spayed or neutered, on heartworm prevention, and vaccinated? This is required. Please let your Vet know we will be calling.
Provide their name, address, and contact number.
Are you willing to spend $500 or more a year for veterinarian care, food, and accessories? *
Do you agree that your new pet will be taken to your vet within 2 weeks to establish a relationship, get heartworm prevention, and/or a basic check up? *
Have you had any animal in the last 7 years diagnosed with Parvo virus, Distemper, or any other infectious disease in your home? * *
If your pet bit or nipped at another pet or person, what would you do? *
Please list any reason you would give up an animal in detail. *
Have you ever relinquished or surrendered a dog to anyone? Please explain why.  *
Have you ever been accused of or charged with domestic violence or animal abuse? 
Have you ever been charged/convicted with a felony?
If yes, please explain. 
If no, put no or N/A
Do you or have you ever worked with or assisted another rescue or shelter? If so which one, when, and how?  *
Have you ever fostered or owned a rescue pet? (shelter adoption, rescue adoption, NOT including a standard re-homing) *
Do you understand, if you are fostering or foster-to-adopt, that you may not have any other animals added, visiting, or adopted into the home without our permission? *
SGER recommends to all fosters to do follow up calls, texts, and/or home visits to the adopters after placement of pet(s) in their home, do you consent to this?
Do you understand that if you adopt a pet from SGER and anything happens that requires the pet to be returned, that YOU are totally responsible for returning this pet to SGER?
Do you understand that for if any reason you do not want this animal any longer, that you must return it to SGER and allow us at least 3 weeks to find a foster home?
Do you understand that you are NOT to rehome, sell, or change ownership of the adopted/fostered animal without prior consent from SGER? If consent is not given, YOU must return animal to SGER. *
Do you understand and hold harmless, release all liability of any and all staff/volunteers at South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc. from any harm, damage, illness to your animals, family, personal property, or home while this animal is in your possession or on our property while adopting or visiting our facility?  *
By submitting this application, I hereby agree to follow all protocol/rules/regulations set forth by SGER and agree to abide by all terms and conditions.
Foster Only:
I understand that my foster animal's vet care is covered only by an approved SGER veterinarian and/or clinic with prior authorization only. 
I acknowledge that my foster animal is owned solely by SGER until an approved family is selected and ownership has been transferred to them. If for any reason SGER wishes to have me return this animal to them, due to breech of agreement or suspected problems, I will have no more than 24 hours to do so at my cost, for any reason determined by the rescue staff, without question. 
I agree that I am not to administer any veterinary care, if fostered, to this animal without expressed written consent by a founder of SGER. 
I agree to never to take this animal to any public dog park (foster only) without prior permission from SGER
Foster and Adopter:
I agree to provide a safe, loving, and protected environment to this animal while it is fostered or adopted. 
I agree to never leave this animal (foster or adopted) outside without supervision and keep it on leash at all times if not in a fenced in area.
I agree to release SGER of any and all liability associated with having a foster or adopted animal in my home. 

By signing my name below with the date - I confirm that I have read and agree to all the above terms and conditions. Sign by date below. 
If Fostering, are you aware that you are taking on the responsibility of this animal until it finds its forever home? This can be weeks, months, and occasionally longer. You are committing to caring for this animal like it's one of your own, feeding, supplying it with all care, and supplies in your home (aside of vet care). You are agreeing to attend all adoption events, training events, and other fundraising events to help this animal get adopted (if living within 4 hours). 
We do our best to assist you with food and supplies, but rely 100% on donations and may not have adequate supplies to do so. If not, you will pay for all food, grooming, and supplies for this pet while in your home and in your care. Do you agree to this? *
Thank you for filling out this application! We appreciate your desire to help needy animal. By dating this form you agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations read above.  *
Filling out this form will add you to our mailing list. If you wish to not be emailed, you will have to unsubscribe from the email link.  *
Policies and procedures
On adoption day: 
For Cats: you only need a collar and current ID tag.   
For Dogs: You must provide your own collar/harness, leash, and ID tag with your information on it. We highly suggest you also have on hand canned pumpkin and plain Greek yogurt, if there will be any food change, to help control loose stools. We can provide sizing information for supplies. 

If you are adopting a puppy under the age of 6 months, you understand that it is your obligation to spay/neuter your puppy between the age of 6 to 10 months. If you do not do this and send in proof it has been done, you will be required to return the puppy/dog immediately.  This is a requirement not a request. 

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