Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation 2020-2021 Grant Application

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation encourages excellence and assures opportunity in education for every student, in every school, every day in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

The Foundation is seeking to fund new programs that will stimulate District students’ interests across all areas of education. Innovative, sustainable programs and activities that will capture and spark learning for all students are highly encouraged.

Please utilize the following guidelines for completing this application:
• All teachers, staff, administrators, student and parent groups associated with the SVSD are eligible to apply
• Grant funds may not be used for district staff salaries, release time, or transportation costs
• All materials purchased through funding become the property of the school district; please note that funding requests around technology will be vetted based on current District technology policies
• All recipients of SVSF Grant funding must complete minimal reporting and accounting requirements by deadlines AND make their programs accessible to SVSF for publicity and informative purposes
• The grant review committee is made up of parents, students, SVSF board members, and community members; please remember to use terminology that is easy to understand.

The applications will be evaluated based on:
1. How many students will be impacted by the grant?
2. Is the program able to be replicated and if so is the applicant willing/able to help implement the program in other buildings?
3. How does this program align with District educational strategies?
4. Has the application provided all information needed to assist in the evaluation process?
5. Has the Foundation funded this program or a similar program in the past?
6. What other funding sources have been approached? Can this be a collaborative effort? If so, please provide details around the collaboration.

Please add additional pages if needed to fully explain your proposal. Thoroughly explained grant proposals have a better chance of being funded.

All applications must be received by 5 pm on Saturday, October 31 , 2020.

Questions can be sent to Janell Wickersham at

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Deadline: 5 pm, Saturday, October 31, 2020
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