Mercury Games: Media Feud
Mercury Video, the newest student media organization that produces creative video content, is hosting a live game show taping in front of a live studio audience on Sunday, April 22 from 7-7:45pm in MCALC 1201.

We will be doing a mock Family Feud between the school's radio station, WVCW, and newspaper, The Commonwealth Times, and we want to get our survey answers from the VCU student body.
In which residence hall are you most likely to get stuck in the elevator?
Who is the last person you would wanna be stopped by on the compass?
The average wait in the Chik-fil-a line on a Saturday is probably about _______.
When is the worst time to go to the gym?
Which campus dining establishment is most likely to give you food poisoning?
Being a pedestrian in Richmond is such a hassle because _________.
The kids in the ________ school are the most pretentious students on campus.
If Rodney the Ram had to change his name, it would be _________ the Ram.
What is the irrelevant next thing VCU is most likely to do with our tuition money?
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate University Student Health Services?
Clear selection
Which floor of Cabell is the best to study on?
If someone died in Shafer, _______ would most likely be the cause.
Besides the basketball team, which VCU sports team is the best?
By how much money do you expect VCU to raise tuition next?
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