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Refractions: A Collection of Human Anthems is an opportunity for those who are grieving during this period of physical distancing to collaborate with artists and create original music inspired by the individual who was lost. Of the many heartbreaks this pandemic has caused, the inability for friends and families to gather and grieve the loss of loved ones is tragic and devastating. Whether the result of coronavirus or other causes and regardless of culture or faith, our means of celebrating and remembering those who have died has been disrupted. As grief becomes a persistent presence in many of our lives, we are left to process the loss in isolation.

With Refractions, bereaved volunteer participants are invited to have a conversation with an artist from Blindspot Collective who has been trained in sensitive conversation practices, to share about the life of a loved one who has passed. The artist will then collaborate with a songwriter or composer to do our best to develop an original piece of music inspired by the memories of that individual, and a recording of the music will be made to celebrate their life.

Our goal is to create 15 complete original songs, but we are working on ways to service everyone.

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