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Form to collect basic information of Data Sciences, analysts, programmers and others from the Benelux area, with the desire to participate in a "Data for good causes" initiative.
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Contact Information
Given name *
Last name *
email *
Location - City *
Location - Country
Which Company, University, etc
Time availability
How many hours per week would you be willing to dedicate to the following activities.
Data science
Doing analysis, working within specific projects, teaching/supporting other members.
Project management
Driving a data science project, keeping track of a project, reporting to clients/sponsors, accounting, resource management, etc.
Chapter management
Activities like logistics, website/forum/wiki management, accounting, writing proposals, networking, etc.
Data Dives
Every HOW MANY MONTHS would you like to participate in a hackathon? (e.g. a full saturday of intensive team work together with a mission driven organization)
More details
In case the previous fields don't cover the kind of time contribution you would like to make, in case you prefer to keep it as "to be defined", in case it depends on something, etc
Extra information
Technical Areas of expertise
Some examples are provided, but feel free to add your own
Other areas of expertise
Some examples are provided, but feel free to add your owns
Any resources you/your-company can provide?
A meeting place, a conference room, server space, a van...
Anything to add?
Do you have good contacts with NGO's? if so, which ones? do you own a pizzeria that can feed a hackathon?
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