AnimeFest 2019 Application For Open Management Positions
This is your opportunity to step up into a leadership role at AnimeFest 2019.

Our staff hierarchy: Staff -> Supervisor -> Manager -> Director -> Chair/Vice-Chair -> Board

Managers and Directors should expect to take a significantly more active role in the planning and execution of the convention throughout the year. Depending on the role you are applying for, you should expect to need to work on convention tasks every week.

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Please describe or list below what experience you have that makes you feel that you are qualified for the role that you are applying for.
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Please describe or list below at least three things that you would like to change or improve upon at AnimeFest in 2018.
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Replacement for Your Current Role (optional)
If you are currently in management, do you have someone you would like to nominate as your replacement in the role that you would be leaving should you get the position you are applying for?
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Relationship with Other Managers
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The Manager role is going to be time-consuming. Please describe what motivates you to devote your time to this insanity.
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Do you have a professional or volunteer roles that you potentially benefit you in which you may receive, financial or otherwise, from your staffing role at AnimeFest? That could be viewed as a conflict of interest.
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