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This form is a digital version of the paper form used for reserving the school for use by the General Public.  Please complete this form to the best of your ability.  By submitting this form you implicitly accept the terms listed in this agreement.
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Townsend K-12 School District #1                                                                                 201 North Spruce Street  Townsend, MT 59644-2215
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$60 Full Day
$30 Half Day
BHS Stage Gym
1963 BHS Gym
K-8 Multipurpose Room
Kitchen Use
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$30 Per Use
Community Room
Library Classroom
Home Ec Room with Kitchen Use
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The time listed below will be constant for the entire event.  If the event runs multiple days and the times are different for ending or starting on the second day, please contact the facilities use director.
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(Requiring group is responsible for the set-up and return to original location of items. i.e. -chairs, overhead projectors, etc.)
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Terms of Use:
The Townsend School District #1 encourages the use of its facilities by the public.  However, it is a district policy to give priority to the student use of the facilities.  In this request, the right to cancel a facilities use is reserved by the school district.

The use of the property shall be supervised by an adequate number of adult sponsors to assure proper care and use of the facility.  It is agreed that all rules and regulations for the use of the facility will be reimbursed to the district at the actual cost of repair or replacement including labor.

The undersigned organization, by signature of it's authorized representative, herby guarentees that the organization shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Townsend K-12 School District #1 and any of it's employees or agents from any and all liability, which are not the result of fraud, wilful injury to a person or property or the willful or negligent violation of law by the school district, expenses, cost (including attorney fees), damages and /or losses arising out of injuries or death to any person or persons or damage to any property of any kind in connection with the organization's use of the aforementioned school facility. Proof of insurance may be required if REQUESTED by Townsend K-12 School District. The undersigned further agrees to abide by non-discrimination clauses as contained in the Montana Human Rights Act and the Governmental Code of Fair Practices.

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