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Legacy Form for the Theta Omicron chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at Baylor University!
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Legacy Hometown *
In order to connect her with ZTAs from the same area
Legacy Type
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Alumna(e) Name(s) *
Name of ZTA mother, grandmother, sister or aunt
Alumna(e) College/University *
i.e. Baylor University, University of Texas, Texas A&M University, etc.
Alumna(e) Initiation Year
Which PC is the alumna? i.e. PC '87, PC '99, PC '08, etc.
Current Theta Omicron members Legacy knows: *
Answer can be none
Legacy Major
In order to connect them with Zetas in the same major
Legacy Residence Hall
In order to connect them to other legacies. If you are filling this out prior to their assignment, simply write "preferred" before the name of the residence hall.
Legacy's Permanent Address *
This address will be used to send any information regarding Legacy Events and Activities prior to your Legacy's arrival at Baylor
Legacy Phone Number
If they would like to be contacted by a Theta Omicron member either this summer or during the fall semester.
Alumna Contact E-mail *
To be added to a mailing list regarding updates on legacy events or other recruitment events.
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