Uprise! Camper Application
Hello! If you would like to come to Uprise! Camp, or are the legal guardian of someone who would, please fill this form out knowing there are no wrong answers. We just want to get to know a little about you.
We hope that every applicant is going to have the chance to come, but we also want to be very clear that we want lots of different kinds of applicants to get the chance. No matter who ends up at camp we want everyone to know that we won't be choosing people based on whether we think they're cool, we like them, or any value assessment like that. We are committed to equality and want to give everyone the chance to come to camp. That said, just let us know that you'd like to come and tell us who you are, and we'll be in touch! Thank you so much for wanting to spend this time with us, we're really looking forward to it.
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