First Principles for Women Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in completing First Principles for Women, a course offered through The Charles Simeon Trust. Before completing this form please review the course syllabus using the following link:

All questions can be directed to Katie Musil at
Please describe your previous experience in teaching the Bible to women.
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Which aspect of the Bible do you feel the most confident teaching to others?
Which aspect of the Bible do you feel the least confident teaching to others?
I would be willing to lead a small group of women (no more than six participants) through First Principles for Women.
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I have reviewed the course syllabus and understand what is required of those completing the course.
I can commit a minimum of 3 hours per week to completing First Principles for Women and meeting with my small group.
Upon completing First Principles for Women I will prayerfully consider leading a small group of women through the course in the future.
I can commit to completing all nine weeks of the course content (beginning the week of May 24th) and attending an event on Saturday, August 7th to reflect on my learning.
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