BAS Food and Drink Survey
At Beaumont Adult School, our goal is to provide the best education experience in the region, and we will continuously improve to meet that goal. Student perceptions about Beaumont Adult School are a very important part of this improvement process, so please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Responses to this survey are completely anonymous, participation is voluntary, and the results will be evaluated and discussed by school administration. Please be specific so that we can best evaluate and respond to your feedback.
Please choose the program area where you attend or teach at Beaumont Adult School *
Do you attend or teach in the day or the evening? *
How often do you make purchases from the current vending machines? *
Do you like the vending machines we currently have on campus? PLEASE NOTE - we are not getting rid of our vending machines, we just want to know if students and staff are happy with the ones we have or would like us to change to a different company!!! *
Please explain why you answered yes or no above.
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What are the two most important thing(s) to you for campus vending options (please choose top two)
Do you have any interest in being able to purchase affordable meals for adults through the district, delivered to campus? *
What specific types of food and drinks would you like to have available on campus?
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