MSJS Proposal Submission Form
On behalf of the MSJS leadership team, thank you for submitting a concurrent session proposal for our inaugural conference taking place on Spring 2020. The goal of our conference is to provide attendees with powerful experiences that help further their learning surrounding social justice issues in our society. To achieve this goal, there are three types of session proposals those interested can submit for the review of the leadership team. They are outlined below. All session are 60 minutes in length (including question/answer time). All entries must have a connection to the following social justice theory as outlined in Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice by Adams, Bell, Joshi, and Goodman (2016):

A. Restrictive- How privilege or lack thereof has hindered forward progress for the storyteller.
B. Pervasive- How the privilege or lack thereof has impacted multiple aspects of the storytellers lives
C. Cumulative- How the historical aspects of privilege/oppression has impacted the storyteller personally in modern times.
D. Intersection- How being a member of different types of groups subjected to certain types of privilege/oppression has influenced their story.
E. Durable/Mutating-How the evolution of privilege/oppression has impacted their personal story (e.g. the evolution of slavery to jim crow to mass incarceration)
F. Internalized-How internalized privilege/oppression has impacted the person and their story (e.g. internalizing being inferior or not as good as the dominant group)
G. Group-based Categories-How being labeled as part of a group and the subsequent stereotypes of that group has impacted the storyteller (e.g. All Asians are smart, all Black women are angry, etc.)
H. Hegemonic/Normalizing- How the maintenance of and/or rigorous defense of the status quo has impacted the storyteller.

We believe that those sharing their stories should be compensated for their time and expertise. In alignment with this belief, all presenters will have their conference fee waived and paid a $100 honorarium as a token of our appreciation. Successful workshop proposal submissions will be notified in early Spring 2020.
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