Indianapolis Airport Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operation Form
UAS guidelines for operations within 5 miles of any IAA operated Unit
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-  Commercial Operators are individuals or firms operating a UAS as part of any commercial venture or as part of providing professional services. 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 107 governs this activity. For more information please visit

-  Recreational Operators are anything other than a commercial operation. Rules for recreational operations are located at the following link:
IAA Guidelines
-  ALL OPERATORS must fill out the form before the UAS activity if within 5 miles of an IAA operated airport (IND, 2R2, EYE, UMP, MQJ, 8A4).

-  ALL OPERATORS must contact local air traffic control (ATC) at (317) 227-5843 if any operator plans to carry out UAS activity within 5 miles of the Indianapolis International Airport (IND).

-  If you have any questions, please contact Airport Operations at (317) 487-5023.
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