Shadows on Paper Submissions
Congratulations! You've made it to the poem submission form! Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you fill out this form:
1) We reserve the right to refuse any poem submitted, especially those that conflict with the MCC Student Code of Conduct.
2) All poems submitted will be considered for one of three outlets: Shadows on Paper V.3, Quo Vadis' poetry page Ars Poetica, or Poem of the week.
3) Poems chosen for the school newspaper's poetry page must be submitted by 5 PM every Monday. Any poems submitted after that will not be considered for the upcoming issue, but may be considered for the issue after that. All poems submitted for newspaper consideration must be at least 15 lines or less. Poems with more than 15 lines may still be considered depending on page availability.
4) The poem chosen for poem of the week must be submitted before Tuesday at 2 PM; poems submitted after that time may be considered for the following week's poem of the week. The chosen poem will be announced every week at the beginning of each general meeting. It will also be posted on our campus cruiser every week via email and blog post.
5) The final deadline to submit poems to our collective poetry book, Shadows on Paper Volume 3, will be Monday, April 9th at 11:59 PM.
Thank you all once again for participating. Good luck, and happy writing!
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