NYCoRE 2020 Request for Proposals
The complete application is due by December 16th, 2019. Please write this in a word doc and then cut and paste your responses to longer questions so that you have access to them in the future. If accepted you will need to reenter some of this information. IMPORTANT! PLEASE FOLLOW THE WORD COUNTS INDICATED IN EACH QUESTION! Questions: email
Primary Contact Person's Name *
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Primary Contact Person's Email Address *
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Primary Contact Person's Phone Number *
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Primary Contact Person's school/organizational affiliation *
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Facilitators' Names *
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Biographies *
Please include a *1 SENTENCE* biography for each facilitator. No sentence should be more than 15 words.
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Session Format
There are two types of session formats- Workshops and Organizing Spaces. We are offering only a limited number of organizing spaces.
Which Format are you proposing? *
If you are proposing an organizing space, please describe below how your proposal is different from a traditional workshop. Provide session goals and a plan for how the time will be used.
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Session Information
Session Title* *
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Session Abstract/ Summary *
Please describe your session in 100 WORDS or LESS
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Relevance to Conference Theme *
How is this session relevant to the conference theme of "Freedom Dreams"?
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Session Agenda *
How will the session be organized? Include time breakdown. Please be very detailed. *Note: All sessions are 80 minutes long. Please specify the kind of activities used (i.e., video, presentation, panel, small group work, interactive activities).
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Target Audience- Most Relevant *
Choose the most relevant intended audience.
Target Audience- 2nd Most Relevant
Choose the next most relevant intended audience.
Student Involvement
(Sessions do not need student facilitation/participation. Answers to “Student Involvement” questions do not factor into the review process. “No” responses do not jeopardize acceptance.)
Are students involved in the facilitation of the session *
Is the session geared toward student participants (in addition to educators/ parents etc.) Please explain:
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