2016 Club Application Form
School clubs/activities must provide academic, social, and athletic opportunities and experiences. All clubs must be approved prior to any fundraising activities.
1. All prospective clubs/activities must complete a Garfield High School Club Application. The application may be obtained in the Activities Office.
2. The completed application should be turned in to the Activity Coordinator.
3. The application will be reviewed by Student Government and Activity Coordinator. A recommendation will then be presented to Administration.
4. If the club/activity will be completing any fundraising, the officers of that club must have a current ASB sticker.
5. The applicant will be notified of the approval or denial of the request.
All clubs are expected to follow school and district policies, procedures regarding: club meetings, activities, and fundraising. Clubs failing to adhere to these standards may have their club/activity revoked.
Club Name:
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Description of Club
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Purpose of Club
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Goals/Activities for the Year
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Relation to curriculum and/or services you intend to perform for Garfield or the community
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If you intend to fundraise, how will you?
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Funds will be used for:
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How is membership determined?
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Meeting Day:
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Tentative Meeting Room Number
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Staff Adviser
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Persons applying for club (name and email/phone)
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