BlissROMs Maintainer Application
Thank you for choosing to maintain BlissROMs for your device! To become an official maintainer, please fill the form below.
Please accept Terms and Conditions before you apply for maintainership.
  1. You need to speak and understand English. There are certain internal processes that require careful reading comprehension from the maintainers. In addition, we've found a lot of communication problems in the past with people that do not understand basic English. So if you're reading this with Google Translate right now, we're sorry but please apply after learning a bit more English.
  2. You should know the basic build processes of Android. We cannot help you bring up your device.
  3. You should be able to use Linux, git, and Gerrit. We may ask you to run Python scripts to upload your builds.
  4. You must have a commit history on GitHub for at least 6 months. Note that if you were to try and bypass this requirement by using a commit history alteration tool, we will reject your application and permanently ban you from applying. Please don't try to cheat the system.
  5. All device trees (including kernel and vendor) MUST be public at the time of application, barring any legal problems like DMCA takedown requests. Particularly, if your vendor repository is prone to DMCA takedowns, please reach out to an admin before applying. There are NO exceptions for device/kernel trees. Dependencies of the device tree (such as supporting libraries) must be public as well.
  6. You must create and maintain an unofficial build for atleast span of 20 days with good stability before applying for official status.
  7. Mirroring of builds anywhere else is not allowed. Only our Official Download servers should be used for release of builds. No exceptions in any form will be entertained.
  8. Pling or any such sort of hosting is banned
  9. Should have all major hardware features working. VOLTE, NFC Payments are some of exceptions
  10. Must be fully OpenSource and continuously maintained with correct authorship. No Hidden sources in any form.
  11. Device must have all necessary Bliss commits as required and mentioned.
  12. Lack of activity or if 2 or more releases are skipped without any info from maintainer, then such devices will be dropped from official status without notice.
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