SBN Be Local Blogger Application 2018
The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts ( is re-branding the Boston Local Food Festival Blog to the Be Local Blog. With the goal of highlighting local businesses, events and organizations, SBN's sponsors, partners and members are invited to contribute a post to the Be Local Blog.

We offer you:
- SBN will post your blog post(s) on the Boston Local Food Festival website
- Share your blog post(s) on all social media platforms to thousands of followers and, in some instances, send it to our network of 10k+ eblast subscribers.
- You will also be recognized as a Be Local Blogger on our Boston Local Food Festival website via your logo and link back to your website:

Boston Local Food Festival highlights local restaurants, farmers, fishermen, specialty producers, and organizations focusing on healthy food and fitness in New England. This is a great opportunity to promote to your readers and followers the importance of eating and buying local!

- Provide up to three blog articles written by you and/or your team
- All blog posts must be approved by SBN staff. SBN may edit the post for grammar or minor content changes, add or remove pictures, or reject the post if it does not align with SBN's mission
- Blog posts must clarify the writer's commitment to local, green, sustainability and to SBN, and must relate to SBN's mission, events, and/or current, related news
- Blog posts should be at least 250 words, but no more than 1,000
- Blog posts should include at least 2 pictures (pictures should be your own)
- Posts should be fully edited and proof-read and can be submitted via email to as a word document
- Posting opportunities are limited. Email for inquiries and scheduling

If you're not already an SBN featured blogger:
1) You must have a following/social media presence
2) Fill out the form below

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I have read and agree to comply with the all the rules and requirements of the Volunteer Agreement. I agree to contribute up to three articles for Sustainable Business Network’s Be Local Blog and write them to the best of my ability. I understand that if I do not comply with the blogger agreement, SBN reserves the right to withhold articles I submitted for publishing. I also agree to give permission to the Sustainable Business Network to publish the articles. *
Thank you for your application!
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