Animation Starting Checklist
Filling out this checklist helps us determine how to best meet your needs. Please be as descriptive as possible, the more information the better!
What is the name of your business? *
What is the primary purpose of the animation? *
Sum it up for us in a few sentences.
Are you creating a logo sting or video display? *
Logo stings are short 5-25 second logo animations, video displays are long videos about your products or services.
List animations or videos that you like and that you would like your site to be designed in a similar manner to. *
Paste URLs or list well known websites
Do you have any specific colors or design features you want included in the animations. *
Please list people, colors, objects etc.
What features does your animation absolutely require? *
Please share some links to animations or videos you like and explain why you like them. *
For example colors, style, music, story.
Do you have a preferred style of animation?
Formal, cartoonish, serious, comedic, cinematic etc.
Are you familiar with the process of embedding or uploading videos? *
If you don't know, please select no
What is your budget for this project? *
Please list any additional comments you have about the project.
Please list your contact details below: *
1) Your name, 2) Phone, 3) E-mail
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