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So that you know what is coming in 2018, I am in the midst of a third draft edits for my Christmas story, called The Christmas Ballet. This story came about in early December when I got so many requests to be on my blog by authors with Christmas romance stories. So I decided to do one for next year, however, my story is a novel, not a short story or novella. It is a 79,000 word (so far) romance that starts after Thanksgiving. I will be putting a request out to a couple of facebook groups I belong to, in hopes of finding someone who is willing to do a critique and I'll be submitting it to my on line critique group. I expect I'll be needing the beta readers to read it in May/June 2018.

My readers have told me what they wanted me to work on publishing this year. Shortly after I get the ball rolling on The Christmas Ballet, I plan to tackle Roadside Love, and Midnight Escape, and maybe, Elkhorn In The Moonlight. I'm hoping to have Roadside Love ready for a beta read later this summer, and Midnight Escape in the fall. If you'd like, you can read a very rough draft of the back cover blurp for these three stories, you can go here:

If you have any questions at all, please let me know at I look forward to talking with you all very soon.

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