Save Earth Ride-Worldwide
Dear biking brothers and sisters,
With great pleasure, we are announcing SAVE EARTH RIDE 2021 happening on 1st to 31st August 2021 with participation from not only India but other nations too- Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many more in the waiting list.
Considering the covid19 pandemic, we would not be organizing a dedicated ride like last year to avoid any big gathering, It would be more of social awareness, individual plantation drive worldwide while adhering all local guidelines (strict adherence)

1) SER participants are expected to abide by the government notifications and guidelines with regards to Covid19 situation in their respective location
2) Participants not necessarily have to join as a group to plant trees
3) SER recommends you to individually plant trees at home/work/public areas
4) SER has included indoor plants as part of this year’s event (you can grow herbal plants at home/work location)

Save Earth Ride 2021 Activities:

Register yourself for SER 2021 and participate in all or any of the following activities:

1. Social Awareness:
a) Create awareness on your social platforms,
b) Use Save Earth Ride frame and hashtags.
c) Share the posts from Save Earth Ride team to your social media accounts.

2. Plant & Protect- Individual Plantation Drive:
a) Identify a place near your home where the tree can be planted
b) Get a tree sapling from a nearby nursery
c) Plant the sapling and take photos and make sure while doing all this you are maintaining social distancing
d) Please use below hashtags and tag our official pages while posting on social media and encourage your friends and family to take the movement forward

3. Join the webinar organized by Save Earth Ride Team and share on your social media platforms.

Only registered participants will get the SER-2021 certificate
Due to pandemic, goodies will not be available this year

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SER team is not responsible if anyone violates the law while participating in this event.

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1) In recognition of the inherent risks of the activity in which I will engage, I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity. My participation is voluntary and I will assume financial responsibility for personal injury, accidents and damage to or loss of personal property as the result of any incident or accident that may occur.2) If the behaviour of any Rider/Pillion is likely to cause distress or harm to themselves, our member of staff or other team members, our local Guide/Staff reserve the right to terminate their trip at any time and they will have to make their own arrangements; we will not be liable for any expenses incurred as a result. We will not entertain any claims arising due to such action.3) In case of any injuries/illness during a trip/activity, BCI as a community or our members, the admin will not be responsible. We provide adequate human support on the ride to ensure the basic safety of the rider. The rider has to bear all the expenses which may arise in case for a medical emergency condition. 4) We do not promote any stunt and drink and drive, so please refrain yourself from such activities. 5) Following Covid19 guidelines given by concerned authorities.
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