Midwinter Revisited: Sign-up (2022)
This form is a ticket application for the larp Midwinter Revisited. The sign-up is currently open for last minute sales for remaining tickets, on a "Pay What You Can" basis.

Before signing up, please read through the larp's website at http://midwinter.christmas/. You will need information from the website to fill out the form. This form also serves as your casting questionnaire. Please reserve some time to think through your answers, and contact the organizers with any questions you may have before submitting your application.

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In order to sign up for Midwinter 2021 (played in December 2022), I confirm that *
By submitting this form, I agree that the organizers of Midwinter Revisited may store any information in this form for up to six months after the larp has been played. Submitted information is confidential, but organizers may share my first and last name, Facebook name, and email address with other participants of the larp. I also agree that photos of me may be taken during the larp, and that these photos may be shared with other participants. After the larp it is my responsibility to review the photos within a designated review period, after which all photos I do not flag for removal may be published online. If I have questions about how my personal information or photos are handled, I may at any time contact the organizers for clarification. *
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