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The Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-hosts are eager to have at least one show each month where we can highlight amazing teachers who are using web 2.0 tools in their classrooms. There are no better people than those of you who join us for our weekly shows to recommend teachers for us to feature. Please use this form to provide us with your recommendation and every consideration will be given to these suggestions as we attempt to balance grade levels, subjects and specialties in future shows. If you have more than one teacher you would like to recommend please complete a separate form for each teacher. Thank you for your input. We value your suggestions!
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Please provide both the Twitter ID and URL for the blog/wiki/website of the person you are nominating. If they don't have one, that is fine. Please indicate that in the text box below.
7. What is the grade level, age level, specialty of the teacher you are recommending?
Please choose one row and as many columns as apply. Grades and ages are approximate and may vary depending on your district or country. Pick the one that you think matches best. If their job title is different than those listed, please add it in the comment box following this question. (PLEASE NOTE: This is a required question but the asterisk has been removed so you can choose only one option without responding to an item in each row.)
Primary Grades (Grades K-3) (ages 5-8)
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High School (Grades 9-12) (Ages 14-18)
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Special Area Teacher (Art, Music, PE)
Special Education Teacher
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Provide specific examples based on your personal knowledge/experience. They can be a first-year teacher or a veteran teacher of 30 years or more. If they're doing awesome things with technology we'd like to learn from them.
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