2018 CoDA Service Conference Motions Feedback Form
Thank you for taking the first step in helping us represent you at the 2018 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) in San Diego, CA, October 9-12. As your SoCal CoDA Delegates, we will use these thoughts, opinions, and votes to represent SoCal's group conscience.
All questions are voluntary and you may vote on as many or as few motions as you'd like. Motions are arranged by committee and you can skip pages. We encourage you to view the full text of the motions, attachments, intents, remarks, and other details. The link is available at the top of every page: http://coda.org/index.cfm/service-info/delegate-package/delegate-package-2018. Be sure to submit by October 5th so that we can bring it to the CSC.
Please enter your email at the end if you would like us to respond to any questions or feel free to email us directly at SocalCodaDel@gmail.com. We hope to see you at the International CoDA Convention immediately following CSC!
In Service, Athena, Kirsten and France
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