FsHub User Survey Auturm 2022
Hey all!

It's been a while since our last user survey so I wanted to give you all the opportunity, once again to comment on, and tell us what we're doing right and what you're not so keen on!

I'd love it if you could read and give your honest feedback on this User Survey as it will help greatly improve both FsHub and the LRM Client going forwards!

Now is YOUR chance to have your say and influence the future development and features of both LRM and FsHub.
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Do you feel that the improvements recently have improved your experience and enjoyment of using FsHub and LRM Client?
No I like the older (more basic) features and functionality, please STOP adding more features!
Yes - I love the new features and would miss them if they disappeared!
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Please select THREE major features of FsHub or LRM you feel should be prioritised and released next.
At the moment, many of the pilot stats on FsHub are flight and flight hour related - Would you like to see a "Flight Perfomance" system included whereby you would recieved "points" for your flights - such as flying with good fuel ecnomy, not breaking speed limits, good landing rates etc?
No, having a "score' per flight would make me enjoy flying less!
This is epic (i'd love it) and would certainly improve my flying overtime, i'm sure!
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What is your favourite feature or set of features that I've added recently?
Do you feel any of the existing features should be removed (eg. you feel they are pointless or simply too complex)
How do you feel about the pilot achivements system?
I don't care much for them - I only ever do my own thing!
I love it, reguarly check for new achievements and love collecting all the badges!
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Do you read the blog announcements when they appear in the dashboard?
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Imagine if you could have ANY feature added to FsHub and/or LRM client - what would you like to see added?
Lastly, please feedback any other comments that you may have (this can be general criticism, praise or thoughts and opinions on anything FsHub or LRM client related)
Whilst I won't force you to provide your email address - If you've made suggestions for new features or have reported having issues with certain features - if you provide your FsHub pilot ID and email address below, I can respond back with any additional questions or help you if you're stuck! - Please enter your email address and FsHub ID here:
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