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We are looking for suggestions as how to improve our Senior Prom event. The Senior Prom is a co-curricular event, organized by teacher volunteers, that usually takes place in April or May. Just to clarify, the actual Graduation (Cap and Gown) occurs in November/December of the following school year and celebrates the official graduation of students from High School. It is at this event that students receive their diploma and any awards/scholarships.

It is the opinion of many that the Senior Prom negatively impacts instructional time and has become a very expensive and socially unjust event. Many students in Grade 12 organize underage drinking parties leading up to and following the event. Costs for Senior Proms in the Metro quite often exceed $45,000 and Safe Proms (the drug-free and alcohol-free party following the Senior Prom) cost in excess of $35,000. The food bill alone for our QE Senior Prom was $32,314.76 and the cost to rent the CBS stadium for one evening was almost $10,000. There are other costs for music, decorating, etc.

These costs do not include the additional expenses that many families incur when purchasing gowns, tuxedos, suits, footwear, hair appointments, nails, flowers, photos, memory DVD’s, etc.

As a school community, we would like to reduce the costs for families so we are interested in your input for future planning.

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