Referral Form MADCAPS Membership 2027
This is a referral form NOT the application. The interested member should fill out this form. Sponsors are not needed at this time. You will need one sponsor (not from the class of 2026) when you fill out the application. The application will be made available to you after the new member information meeting on October 4 2020 at 1 PM. A Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Prospective Senior members shall be limited to those who reside in zip codes 92103, 92106, 92107, or 92110 at the time of application who, together with their daughters, will aid and support the purpose of MADCAPS.

Sponsorship Requirements:
Active Senior members must be in good standing and have a daughter in 8th – 12th grade to sponsor or co-sponsor an incoming candidate. You may not be a sponsor if your daughter is in 7th grade. Active Senior members may sponsor only one candidate (in addition to being a legacy applicant in the same year) and co-sponsor one additional candidate each year.

The daughter of the prospective member must be in 6th grade.

A candidate who has a daughter entering 7th grade the following fall must complete a Referral Form and submit it to Membership Committee Chair no later than September 30th. The new candidate may self-nominate or be referred by an Active Senior member. If offered an application, new candidates must submit a completed application form.

Submit form no later than September 30th, 2020 at 11:55 pm.
This deadline is firm and no exceptions will be made.

Samantha Padilla – Incoming Membership Chair –

Email address *
Email address of PERSPECTIVE senior member(mother) *
Prospective Senior's (mom) last name *
Prospective Senior's (mom) first name *
I am an Alumnae. An alumnae is a candidate who was in and graduated as a junior member of MADCAPS and has a daughter entering 7th grade the following fall. *
Prospective Junior's (daughters) last name *
Prospective Junior's (daughters) first name *
Prospective Senior (mom) member cell phone. *
Prospective senior members shall be limited to those who reside in the zip codes below. What is the zip code of the perspective member? *
Briefly explain how will you be an asset to MADCAPS *
I have a sponsor who meets the above requirements. If you answer no, I will reach out to you with further information. *
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