Planning for 2019
With my Etsy shop becoming an essential part of my regular budget, I need to be focused in what I make and offer this coming year. While the bulk of what I will offer will be straw millinery, I want the input of my fabulous clients, customers, and readers.
Which of these do you want me to make in 2019? Please mark each one from 0 to 5.
0 - Don't make any. These are not something I want at all.
1 - Not my thing.
2 - Someone might want one
3 - I like it, but I am neutral.
4 - It is on my wish list. But, it may or may not be in my budget.
5 - I have been waiting for this. I will be watching to buy one.
1700s straw millinery (tbd)
Regency Era Straw Hats
Regency Era Straw Bonnets
1820s-1830s Straw Bonnets
1840s Straw Bonnets
1850s Straw Bonnets
1850s Straw Hats
1860-1864 Straw Bonnets
1860-1864 Straw Hats
1866-1870 Straw Millinery
1870s and 1880s Straw Millinery
1800-1830s Winter Bonnets & Hoods
1840s-1860s Winter Bonnets & Hoods
Patterns - 1800-1830s Winter Bonnet or Hood
Patterns - 1840s-1860s Winter Bonnet or Hoods
Patterns - Small projects like pin cushions, workbags, etc
Kits - Small Projects like pin cushions, workbags, etc
E-Books - Research type (Like From Field to Fashion or Paisley, Plaid, & Purled or To Net, or Not to Net)
E-Books - How-to type (like how to make things)
E-Book - "Wintering Over: Winter Hoods and Bonnets"
E-Book - "The Dolls of Godey's" (working title)
FanU projects - Pin Cushions
FanU projects - Small sewing boxes
FanU projects - Needle-books
FanU projects - Pin Keeps
Is there something particular you would like to see me make/offer in 2019?
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