Emerging RSO Interest Form

The Emerging RSO Committee and the Office of Student Life will remain issue neutral in the process. If you have any questions or concerns please contact NHStudentLife@LoneStar.edu.

    Requirments to start a Registered Student Organization (RSO):

    1. Full-time faculty or staff advisor(s) 2. Constitution - Approved by Program Manager, Student Life 3. Minimum of 8 currently registered LSC-North Harris (or associated centers) students, committed to joining 4. Proposed Name

    Approval Process:

    All forms referenced below can be found at: http://www.lonestar.edu/2436.htm 1. Group submits this Emerging RSO Interest Form. Names and student ID numbers of at least 8 current students who are committed to joining the RSO will be required for this form. 2. Advisor(s) submit(s) Advisor Agreement Form(s). Each advisor must submit individually. 3. Group emails electronic copy of proposed constitution to Program Manager, Student Life. Email address is dan.mitsven@lonestar.edu. 4. Program Manager reviews first draft of the constitution. Frequently drafts go back and forth between Student Life and proposed organization before a final copy is approved. It is recommended to look at other RSO constitutions for ideas on what should be included. For samples of constitutions, visit the clubs page on the LSC-North Harris Student Life website. 5. The Program Manger, Student Life receives, approves, and bundles all documents. 6. Documents are submitted as a packet to the SGA Emerging Clubs Committee. 7. The Emerging RSO Committee will schedule a meeting for the proposed organization to present their proposal. The committee makes recommendations for approval, approval with conditions, or denial, based on all information collected. 8. The Program Manager, Student Life considers committee recommendations and makes the final decision to approve or deny. 9. The Program Manager, Student Life notifies advisor(s) for proposed RSO, whether approved or denied. 10. Newly approved RSOs have a probationary period of one year, and will receive up to $500 to begin building the organization. 11. A new budget number is created. Group should begin fulfilling RSO requirements to earn funds for subsequent semesters. 12. Program Manager, Student Life orders RSO tablecloth after the 1-year probationary period.

    When considering approval of a new student organization, the Emerging RSOs Committee will consider the following:

    • Have all documents been collected, and are all of the basic requirements met? • Is there a need for the proposed organization to enhance student life at LSC-North Harris or its centers? • Would the proposed organization duplicate the mission, goals, and purpopses of any other recognized Registered Student Organization? • Does the proposed organization align with the mission and goals of the Lone Star College System and the Office of Student Life? • Would the proposed organization allow any current student at Lone Star College-North Harris and its centers to participate, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, veteran's status, sexual orientation, or disability? • Would membership in the RSO be limited to currently enrolled LSC students, faculty, and staff? • Would the organization, if approved, violate reasonable LSCS and LSC-North Harris rules, disrupt classes, or interfere with the opportunity of other students to obtain an education? • Would the organization, if approved, pose a threat to the safety of others or a threat of damage or destruction to the System or College? The Emerging RSO Committee and Office of Student Life will remain issue-neutral in the approval process, meaning that we will not deny recognition of a registered student organization based on the views expressed by the group. If you have any questions, please contact NHStudentLife@LoneStar.edu
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