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Come join us for an exciting professional development offering-the Next Generation Science Standards Exemplar Program (NGSX). We will meet as a study group to complete 6 units of the NGSX Matter Pathway. Short assignments such as trying something out in the classroom or a short reading will be done in between sessions. For more information please contact us: or

Dates: Dates/Times: 3:30-6:45
January 24 (W); January 31 (W)
February 8  (TH);February 22  (TH)
March 8  (TH);March 22  (TH)
April 26  (TH); May 10  (TH)
June 22 (full day)
Time: 3:30-6:45 (except June date)
Location: Montpelier School District TBD
Instructors: Morgan Lloyd and Renee Affolter

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