Evil Bunny Productions Blogger 2023

Please read the event information before applying:

If you can not devote at least 1 post/week for Evil Bunny, please do not apply. You can mix it with other events, or mix up any EBP events or hunts.

Once you are accepted, it is mandatory to be in Evil Bunny Productions group while actively blogging our events. You will be sent a NC and group invite upon acceptance. MAX 2 people, including yourself.

Only bloggers with GOOD quality pictures and designer/event information will be accepted.

Must be active within the past month.

We ask that you make 1 blog post/week. We do events, hunts, and twe12ve. You can cover ANYTHING we do. Your choice. We encourage you to try to cover at least 1 event/hunt sponsor a month. You may mix and match events, hunts and other mini/specialty events.

We request you add the Evil Bunny Hunts & Events logo onto your blog as a sponsor or event coverage. You can grab a copy of this in the EBP office-  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grumble/183/209/21

Please include us as a sponsor on your blog page.

You are required to send a group notice with your post links and post photos on the group flickr and to the facebook page. We suggest you send a note card to the designer to let them know they have been blogged.

Blogs will be checked monthly for coverage.

All social media coverage info will be released to be used in advertising by all bloggers/designers.

We accept bloggers that blog and use flickr, as long as stores/event credits are listed.

Designers will mail blogger boxes or NCs out in notices. If you see something you like as well, please feel free to note card designers and request an item.

allie munro/ serenity quar


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