Silicon Halton Barter Exchange Pilot Program
This program was soft-launched at Silicon Halton Meetup 118 Demo Night on Sep 10/19. If you attended and received an authorized Barter Trade Dollars Certificate please register it here.

Registration of your certificate is required in order for SH to add you to the Barter Exchange Pilot program and for you to use your Barter Trade Dollars. The $300 in Barter Trade Dollars can be used to purchase available products and services being offered through our partner BarterPay.

For this part of the pilot the $300 in Barter Trade Dollars translates into a 50% discount on what you purchase. Some examples of how this might work (these offers aren't necessarily available and/or subject to change):

1) Golf: a golf course offers a foursome valued at $300. If you use your Barter Trade Dollars your out of pocket cost is $150.

2) Food: a restaurant offers a meal and live entertainment for couples at $300. Your out of pocket cost is $150.

In order for you to join this pilot program and use your Barter Trade Dollars please fill out the form below. This program is being led by SH cofounder Chris Herbert and is in partnership with BarterPay. In 2020 SH and BarterPay will have more opportunities to participate. Stay tuned!
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