UK PhD Viva Survivors 2000-2013
Seven quick questions to try and capture an interesting flavour of the UK PhD viva experience. I am interested in responses from PhD graduates of UK universities who had their viva between 2000 and 2013.
When was your viva? *
Month and year please!
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Which university did you do your research at? *
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What was your research field? *
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How long was your viva? *
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What kind of pass did you get? *
Were you told that you had passed at the start or the end of the viva? *
What three words come to mind when you think of your viva? *
Three individual words, not a three word sentence!
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Would you like to add your Twitter handle or email address so that I can send you any results of the research?
It's totally up to you! Thank you for your time :)
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I'm the creator of the Viva Survivors Podcast ( and regularly deliver viva preparation workshops. Your data will help to paint a picture of the viva experience of PhD graduates in the UK, and help others to understand what it's all about.

Thanks for your time!
Dr Nathan Ryder (@DrRyder on Twitter)

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