A Different Direction
With the release of my new book- The Summer Dragon- and its overwhelmingly positive response, I find myself where I’ve always wanted to be—telling stories and making illustrations for a living. I'm well into writing the sequel, Book II of The Evertide, but between finishing long-standing commitments in illustration and taking on ever-new work I've found it difficult to make time for both. I'm grateful to the flow of new artwork I get to create, but my passion for my personal work is steadily mounting. I'm hoping that with your help and support, we can build a community toward that end.

There’s a lot on the horizon! I'm looking into producing another art book through Kickstarter and finally creating a Patreon campaign where I can further those relationships with fans both old and new.

Below are a few questions that I hope you'll answer to help guide this new direction...


How easy have you found it to order prints from me?
How interested are you in being able to purchase original artwork from me in the future? Drawings, paintings, limited editions, etc.
Not very
Which of these would you enjoy supporting me on?
Let's talk Kickstarter. What kind of rewards would you like to see?
Now Patreon- what kind of rewards would you like to see?
How interested would you be in a paid personal mentorship program from me?
Not very
What kind of paid mentorship would you be most likely to participate in?
Where did you first here about my work and start following me?
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to add or see in the future. Thanks for all your support!
Your answer
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