River Grove Online Volunteer Training
*The School Board encourages parents and community members to volunteer in schools.

*All volunteers will work with students in a supervised or public environment.

*A "supervised environment" is defined as one where a staff member or another volunteer is present.

*A "public environment" is defined as a space where volunteers and students are easily observed.

*Background checks are required for some volunteers.

*Volunteers who have been convicted of any of the crimes identified in ORS 342.143, or the equivalent, are excluded from volunteering.

*Guidelines for effective volunteer practices will be provided.

*Volunteers are expected to sign a statement of understanding and compliance with the guidelines.

*Be punctual
*Respect the learning environment
*Keep confidential information confidential
*Understand school rules and guidelines
*Sign in at the office and wear an identification badge
*Always work with students in the presence of another adult
*Please silence your cell phone when in the classroom or office area
*Student discipline is the responsibility of the teachers/staff/principal
*Learn your way around the school
*Ask for assistance when using unfamiliar equipment
*Please do not bring younger children with you when you volunteer
*Volunteers should report suspected incidents of child abuse
*LOSD is a drug-free workplace
*Harassment and discrimination are not permitted in LOSD
*LOSD has a zero tolerance policy for weapons in district buildings

*Work in collaboration with school staff to plan volunteer activities
*Communicate with staff members for clear expectations
*Concerns are to be communicated with staff, not other parents
*Pay attention to ALL students
*Stay with any assigned group or individual
*Do not disturb other classes
*Conference with your child's teacher during times other than volunteer time
*Adhere to LOSD's volunteer code of ethics
*Have fun!

*No children in the workroom at any time
*Please receive specific training from workroom or office staff before running machines

*Try at least two of these ideas with students when there is a conflict (from Kelso's Wheel):
-Talk it out
-Walk away
-Ignore it
-Wait and cool off
-Go to another game
-Tell them to stop
-Make a deal
-Share and/or take turns

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