Indie Book Club - January Selections
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Rebel by Laura Pavlov (Out 1.5.20)
I’m always down for a good time. I’m that guy.
I love women. I love sex. And I love my life.
Go big or go home, right?
My father’s death is a constant reminder of why I like to keep it simple.
Life is short.
Emotional attachments make you weak.
Grieving sucks. And I have no interest in caring deeply for anyone outside of my family.
I’m not looking for complications.
Monroe Buckley is a complication.
She’s driven.
She’s focused.
And she’s my best friend’s little sister.
Not happening.
But once we’re forced to spend time together…I only want more.
Too bad she’s the one woman who is off-limits.

I don’t trust most people, and I have my reasons.
I’m passionate about my work, and I came here to do a job.
Not date the boss.
Getting hired at the top media company in the city is the break of my life.
But it means working for Jack Montgomery.
My one-time crush.
My brother’s best friend.
And the current thorn in my side.
He’s exactly what I want to avoid.
Yet he’s everywhere I turn. Even when he’s not there—he’s in my head.
He’s a magnet for attention.
A heartbreak just waiting to happen.
And my heart is something I fiercely protect. At all costs.
They say the heart wants what the heart wants...
But my heart isn’t allowed to make that decision anymore.
There’s too much to lose.

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Falling Like Stars, Eve Kasey (Out 1.3.21)
I’m afraid I’m going to spend the rest of my life loving you for this. For everything.”

Elle’s fairy-tale is simple. Job, man, cottage by the sea. She just ticked the first thing off the list: a dreamy new job planning guest experiences for OrbitAll, the world’s first space tourism company. Cottage by the sea? More like an apartment in California’s Mojave Desert. And the only man in her life is Chen, OrbitAll’s annoying new astronaut, who also happens to be her (loud) upstairs neighbor.

Chen’s always hated boundaries. He became an astronaut so not even gravity could hold him back. Unfortunately, his parents can. As the oldest son in a Chinese family, his fate has been decided since birth. When Chen gets an incredible offer from a space tourism company in America, he ditches his duties—for now. There he meets Elle, the eye-rolling beauty who lives and works ways too close. With her wild hair and fast car, she looks like freedom. Tastes like it, too.

Together, Elle and Chen are hotter than the center of the sun. And they’re hurtling towards their deadline as fast as they’re falling.

Falling Like Stars, Book One of the All In series, is a steamy contemporary interracial romance that takes place all over the globe and beyond, and guarantees a happily ever after. The All In books are standalones in a series with no trigger warnings.

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Star-Crossed Secrets, Kali Brixton (Out 1.13.21)



I’m a walking contradiction, always feeling torn in two. At night, I make men weak and leave them wanting more. By morning, I’m a dutiful elementary teacher who adores the little ones I call my own. Co-owning a gentlemen’s club with my best friends was supposed to grant us all freedom.

So, why does it feel like my wings are being clipped, one feather at a time?

I wear a mask to protect my family from knowing where I spend my nights. I put on a brave face so my girls can’t see how the place that gives them freedom cages me in.

The hardest one of all to wear is the mask of indifference whenever he's near.
The man I can’t have. The one who’s promised to another.

Every time I glance in the mirror, I see two faces, and I’m starting to forget which is my real one.
I tell myself that I can keep up this charade, that I can be two people—even that I can stop loving him.

But aren’t the saddest lies the ones we tell ourselves?

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