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Saturday, March 3
Stout Ale House, Menomonie, WI

Pre-payment for Funny Money must be submitted by February 21st

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Menomonie Lions Checkered Flag
Sponsorship Levels and Funny Money
Platinum Sponsor: ($750 and gets you 4 attendees, $200 funny money & 2 gun tickets)
Gold Sponsor: ($500 and gets you 2 attendees, $100 funny money & 1 gun ticket)
Silver Sponsor: ($250 and gets you 1 attendee)
Bronze Sponsor: ($100, no attendees)

Additional Funny Money:
Platinum Money: Pay $500 and receive $1000
Gold Money: Pay $300 and receive $500
Silver Money: Pay $200 and receive $300
Bronze Money: Pay $100 and receive $150

Individual Attendee(s): $50 each

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