Artist fees in UK (and Ireland) public art institutions:

We've noticed that large institutions fail to disclose their artist fees and production budgets, stating that it's not in their 'commercial interest' to make this information public when asked for this data via FOI requests. We think it is in all our interests, as artists, to get a clear picture of where specific fees fit into wider structures.
The form is anonymous but all your answers will be collated and published on our website in due course.

Any data you are able to contribute will help to build up the information available in the public domain.

In order to protect artists anonymity, we will be scrambling the order of the answers and staggering their release on our website, so if you submit several exhibitions these will not appear in succession.

You can view the results so far here:

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Name of institution  (please indicate N/A if you are not comfortable to disclose)
Please also indicate the region it's based in:   *
Please  indicate the rough scale of the institution (if you're unable to name names this will help us sort the data) *
(We've roughly grouped these based on the amount of Arts Council Funding they receive as NPOs, or funding through the DCMS. Your best guess is fine!):
When did the commission / exhibition take place? *
How much was the artist fee? *
How much was the production budget? If you weren't told, please indicate 'not disclosed' *
Short description of the scale and scope of the commission – as much or as little information as you are comfortable to give – e.g large solo show, outdoor commission, public workshop, performance evening *
How long do you estimate you spent working on the commission on a full-time basis? *
What kinds of work and resources did the institution/ commissioner  expect your artist fee to cover? *
Was there a separate access budget available in addition to the fee / production budget? *
Your age at the time of the commission *
Number of years working as an artist at the time of the commission *
Do you feel you were paid fairly for your time your time and experience? *
Do you feel you were paid fairly  in relation to how others working on the project were paid (ie. curators and technicians) *
Did your pay feel proportionate to the scale of the project? *
Any other comments you would like to add (This is where you can expand on your experience. We may quote your words as part of our reporting of Artist Leaks)
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