Greyhawk Reborn/Midgard @ Origins 2019
GHR is heading out to Origins this year: June 12-16 and we need your help! We will be running 4 hour slots beginning on Wednesday at 12 Noon and ending at 2PM on Sunday.

16 Hours (4 slots) will earn you a badge for the show. 32 Hours (8 slots) gains you a badge for the show and a 1/4 room share in a local hotel. "We are especially looking for individuals willing to run 8 slots, but also need to plan for all of our potential judges, even those who would prefer judging less than 8 slots. We need to judge GM availability so we can plan our schedule.

Please go through the questions below and answer to the best of your ability. Please note, that your answers here really need to reflect a commitment on your part to participate in Origins with Greyhawk Reborn and/or Midgard. We will be using your modules and putting them into the offering for all the players at Origins to choose from.

Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions reach out to Casey O'Donovan (

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