2019 Lexington VA Christmas Parade Application
Friday, December 6, 2019 | Step-off Time = 6:00 PM | Group Assembly Time = 5:00 PM
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Parade Registration Fees
2019 Christmas Parade Fees are as follows:
Registrations on or received BEFORE November 15 = $10 (non-profit organizations) or $20 (all others).
Registrations received AFTER November 15 = $15 (non-profit) or $25 (all others).
NOTE: There is NO fee for EMTs, fire trucks, or marching bands.
Form of Payment for Registration *
You may pay in cash, by check, or with a credit card
I have read and understand the 2019 Lexington Parade Rules & Regulations *
Please click here to read the Rules & Regulations: The following URL: https://tinyurl.com/y62zl66q
Thank you for participating in the wonderful tradition of the Lexington Christmas Parade! We will confirm your registration and be in touch regarding your line-up number and instructions by December 2.
If you have any questions about this application or the parade, please call the MAIN STREET LEXINGTON office at (540) 319-4181, or send an email to info@mainstreetlexington.org.
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