IIIF Software Developers Survey
The IIIF Software Developers Community Group would like to understand how to best serve the IIIF developer community. By answering the following questions, you can help us improve our documentation and prioritization of work.
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Your title/role
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Please describe your level of engagement with IIIF so far:
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Please describe any policies that your institution has around browser support:
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Do you have to support any IE browsers before version 11?
Please describe any policies your institution has around mobile/tablet support:
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Please describe any policies your institution has around accessibility:
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At your institution, who is responsible for making sure the software you develop meets accessibility standards?
How does your institution fund IIIF development efforts?
What types of digital content does your institution intend on publishing within the next year?
Please describe the software you intend to use to create this content
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Do you or members of your institution have a preference towards any of the following client-side libraries/frameworks?
Do you use any of these cross compilers for client-side code?
Which server-side technology stack are you using?
Are you interested in any of the following decentralised file storage technologies?
Do you use any of the following cloud service providers?
Can you suggest examples in the wild that can be inspiration for creating IIIF-oriented documentation, pattern libraries, or "cookbooks"?
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The IIIF Software Developers Group call occurs once every four weeks on Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern (see details at http://iiif.io/community/groups/software/). Are you interested in attending these calls?
How often do you attend the IIIF Software Developers call?
Almost Always
If you do not regularly attend the IIIF Software Developers calls, what would make you more likely to participate?
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